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  • For Importers

  • Simplify your supply chain

    • Improve your working capital position
    • Increase gross margins and EBITDA
    • Act fast, like a cash buyer
    • Make as many purchases as you want within your trade facility line
    • Fund orders for goods and services pre-shipment and point of dispatch
    • Fund both open-ended and fully confirmed orders
    • Register just once for a trade facility line
    • No arrangement fees
  • We can help your business pay with total confidence

    Payment process

    TradeRiver pays the seller/exporter 100% of the transaction value directly and in their preferred currency.


    No application, annual or maintenance fees – just one fixed fee per transaction.

    Transaction limit

    There isn’t one, so you can make as many purchases – from as many sellers/exporters – as you wish providing you remain within your overall limit.

    Funding period

    You have 30-120 days to repay TradeRiver, you choose.

    Facility limit

    Limits range from $100,000 to $5,000,000.


    Both parties must be registered on the TradeRiver platform.

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