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    For buyers
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  • Simplify your supply chain

    • Improve your working capital position
    • Increase gross margins and EBITDA
    • Act fast, like a cash buyer
    • Make as many purchases as you want within your trade facility line
    • Fund orders for goods and services pre-shipment and point of dispatch
    • Fund both open-ended and fully confirmed orders
    • Register just once for a trade facility line
    • No arrangement fees
  • We can help your business pay with total confidence

    Payment process

    TradeRiver pays the seller/exporter 100% of the transaction value directly and in their preferred currency.


    No application, annual or maintenance fees – just one fixed fee per transaction.

    Transaction limit

    There isn’t one, so you can make as many purchases – from as many sellers/exporters – as you wish providing you remain within your overall limit.

    Funding period

    You have 30-120 days to repay TradeRiver, you choose.

    Facility limit

    Limits range from $100,000 to $5,000,000.


    Both parties must be registered on the TradeRiver platform.

  • Signing up with TradeRiver

    Only takes 2 weeks from receipt of financial information

  • TradeRiver Transaction Process

    Can be completed online within 5 minutes
  • Import Finance

    TradeRiver USA solution is ideal for companies importing goods or services to the U.S. In fact, the approach is uniquely attractive. A TradeRiver USA Buyer can release full payment – in their supplier’s local currency – to their supplier anywhere in the world at any point they wish in their purchase process, without being tied to documentation, letters of credit or even specific conditions regarding the goods they are purchasing – all online!

    The Supplier can be paid much more quickly than with conventional import finance processes, therefore Buyers can often negotiate supplier discounts in return for accelerated Buyer payment, while at the same time improving the strength of their supplier relationships and adding security to their supply chain

    Of course, importers can choose exactly the credit period they require, which allows the importer to operate their complete import supply chain without ever involving any of their own cash, or interfering with existing bank lines or secured facilities.

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