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    If you have a question about TradeRiver USA or setting up a new client account, start here:

    As a seller, when do I receive payment for my goods or services?

    TradeRiver USA pays the Seller 100% of its Net Transaction Value without recourse immediately upon the Buyer certifying (signing) that he accepts the goods or service.

    How secure are transactions on the STEPS™ platform?

    Extremely. The STEPS platform itself is protected by SSL EV technology. User access is restricted to company authorized signatories only, using PKI certification, encrypted password and PIN. Each stage of a transaction requires a Digital Signature by the relevant authorized signatory, and each signature and the action signed are recorded, date stamped and certified non-repudiable by Verisign©.

    As a buyer, am I free to choose my credit terms?

    Buyers can select any credit period up to a maximum of 120 days, and any credit amount up to their available credit headroom.

    Can I maintain my existing trading terms with my counterparties?

    Generally speaking, yes. Each counterparty must sign their TradeRiver USA agreements to enroll, but following that Buyers and Sellers are free to share documentation exactly as they would normally do (and STEPS™ provides a document sharing system to do this if required).

    I have a number of counterparties I currently trade with. Do they have to enroll with TradeRiver USA for me to use the system with them?

    Yes they do – but it is very simple for them to do so. And there is no restriction to the number of enrolled counterparties you can trade with simultaneously within your credit limit.

    As a buyer, how is my trade facility limit determined?

    It depends on individual company’s credit worthiness – TradeRiver USA reviews each request individually within two weeks of receiving your financial packet.

    As a seller, are there any restrictions for enrollment?

    No. Any properly constituted company, anywhere in the world can enroll as a Seller.

    As a Buyer, what criteria does TradeRiver USA look for to allow enrollment?

    There are no fixed parameters for enrollment, though we do have to be able to fix a realistic credit limit for each Buyer. As a general guideline, we look for a minimum two years in business, recent up-to-date financial statements, positive income and net worth and at least $2 Million in sales, up-to-date statutory and recent management accounts. We also meet all of our new Buyers to understand their requirements and ensure that TradeRiver USA facility is appropriate to their business.

    Who can enroll with TradeRiver USA?

    Currently, we can accept buyers in the USA and suppliers from anywhere in the world.

    How do I find out whether TradeRiver USA can help my business?

    Simply fill out the Contact Us Form, and we will respond quickly either by email or with a telephone call.

    Otherwise, email us at info@traderiverusa.com or call us on +1 (443) 759-7119 and we’ll be happy to help.

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