Solar System Installer and Roofing Contractor

Supply Chain Solution


A contractor specializing in solar system contracting and roofing was approved for a $2,000,000 Revolving Trade Facility from TradeRiver USA. They can now take on backlogged projects, increasing sales revenue and adding profit to their bottom line. TradeRiver’s unsecured revolving trade facility is an off balance sheet solution that does not impact the Client’s ABL facilities, existing bank commitments, covenants or guaranties.

Through their preapproved Revolving Trade Facility and our online paperless platform our Client now places orders with suppliers for products and services, pays in cash funds on the same day, while choosing to repay TradeRiver within a 120-day window.


Stable Cash Flow Solution > Peace of mind knowing peak demands will be met
Grow Sales and Profit
> Instant working capital to meet growth and expansion needs
Standby Funding Source
> Revolving trade facility available when needed
100% cash settlement > Client secures discounts and best terms
Streamlined digital process > Paperless process done entirely online
Unsecured Facility > No collateral, LOCs, Liens or UCC Filing needed
TradeRiver’s Secret > We trust our Clients and their business acumen

Partner with TradeRiver to increase revenue and
build sustainable annuities!