Supply Chain Solution

Importer, Luggage Manufacturer and Wholesaler

A valued Partner recently introduced us to the Client, a luggage manufacturer and wholesaler in need of a flexible supply chain funding solution and purchase system to grown their business with. TradeRiver provided exactly the right solution to meet the Clients ongoing supply chain needs.

Our pre-approved ‘Revolving Trade Facility’ and digital transaction system for cross border and domestic purchases gives our Client the power of a ‘Cash Buyer’ and eliminates the onerous complexity associated with traditional cross border trade. The Client now purchases containers from their Asian suppliers, the suppliers are paid in Cash equivalent funds, and the Client repays TradeRiver in up to 120 days for each transaction.


Unsecured Trade Facility > No collateral, Liens, LOC or UCC Filing needed
Working Capital Solution
> Fueling Client’s revenue and profit growth
Stable Cash Flow Solution
> Standby cash funding available when needed
100% cash settlement > Client secures discounts and best terms
Streamlined digital process > Paperless process done entirely online
TradeRiver’s Secret > We trust our Clients and their business acumen

Partner with TradeRiver to increase revenue and
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