Supply Chain Solution

Branded Sportswear Reseller Our Client, a national Branded Sportswear Reseller was in need of an effective Supply Chain Finance Solution to increase inventory for company growth and profit objectives. Market demand for Client’s branded sportswear products was growing, but traditional funding sources were unable to keep up with Client’s supply chain logistics and funding needs. Read More >

New Revolving Trade Facility

Solar System Installer and Roofing Contractor Supply Chain Solution   A contractor specializing in solar system contracting and roofing was approved for a $2,000,000 Revolving Trade Facility from TradeRiver USA. They can now take on backlogged projects, increasing sales revenue and adding profit to their bottom line. TradeRiver’s unsecured revolving trade facility is an off Read More >

TradeRiver Experience: Recent Transaction

Nutritional Supplement Producer Our Client, a growing nutritional supplement producer, needed to increase production to meet growing demand from  new  specialty retail clients. The fulfillment timelines were tight, and our Client needed to purchase raw materials and pay for some orders in advance. Through TradeRiver USA’s preapproved Revolving Trade Facility and online paperless platform our Client is able to place Read More >

TradeRiver Experience: Recent Transaction

Auto Dealership Our Client, a large Auto Dealership in the Midwest, secured a pre-approved Revolving Trade Facility from TradeRiver USA to expand their buying power and streamline the acquisition process for auto parts and inventory.  They now purchase like a ‘cash buyer’ and choose when to repay TradeRiver, within 120 days of purchase. Through TradeRiver Read More >

Key facts

Let us use this blogging opportunity to present some key facts about TradeRiver USA and our services, and explain the benefits of using our patented trade finance mechanism. Our primary purpose is facilitating trade – domestic and inbound international. Our goal is to make trade finance easy, fast and efficient without compromising security. We are Read More >