Branded Sportswear Reseller


Our Client, a national Branded Sportswear Reseller was in need of an effective Supply Chain Finance Solution to increase inventory for company growth and profit objectives. Market demand for Client’s branded sportswear products was growing, but traditional funding sources were unable to keep up with Client’s supply chain logistics and funding needs. Though well managed and profitable, the Client could not secure adequate additional funding from traditional and alternative finance sources to increase inventory and meet customer demand, given the constraints and limitations imposed by those funding sources.

The TradeRiver Solution

Our Client was pre-approved for an unsecured ‘Revolving Trade Facility’ of $1,500,000 and gained access to the TradeRiver STEPS Transaction Platform to negotiate binding (‘blockchain like’) purchases directly with their vendors.  The process expedites purchase and sales transactions and frees-up working capital locked in the supply chain by removing administrative complexities and costs inherent in traditional trade finance.  Our Client now has the leverage and flexibility of a ‘Cash Buyer’ for early settlement of 100% of invoice.  They have earned ‘Preferred Buyer’ status from vendors, securing discounts and the best possible terms.  Client’s have up to 120 days for repayment on each transaction.

Unsecured Revolving Trade Facilities from $100,000 to $5,000,000

For well managed small to midsize companies

Free Up Working Capital locked in the Supply Chain

Buyer / Importer

Seller / Exporter

Get your trade flowing with TradeRiver USA


Finance Brokers can partner with TradeRiver
to build sustainable annuitized commission income!

We can provide facilities from $100,000 to $ 5,000,000